Philosophy, Vision and Mission

Philosophy Vision Mission Objectives and Goals

Yala Rajabhat University is focusing on producing high quality professional graduates through the teaching process in order to sustain community development based on its philosophy, vision, mission, objectives and goals which are:


“Create intellectuals to develop the southernmost area”


“Wisdom Bank University: Excellence in Locally-to-Globally Sustainable Community Development”


1. To produce highly skilled and practical graduates, equipped for careers in the 21st-century and capable of maintaining and applying local and community wisdom.

2. To engage in research to expand the knowledge base and foster innovation while adhering to high standards by focusing on problem-solving and enhancing the quality of life in the southern border region.

3. To offer academic services that promote the transfer of information technology and innovation through the integration of knowledge and wisdom, along with collaboration with all sectors, leveraging the cultural capital and resources of the community and locality.

4. To administer the university with efficiency, integrity and transparency, being prepared for change, and fostering continuous and sustainable development through a dedicated focus on leveraging technology and digital resources.


1. To equip graduates with competency, problem solving, creativity and innovation. Graduates are able to happily live in a multi-cultural society with integrity.

2. To conduct research, build up knowledge base and innovation to solve problems, to improve the quality of life, to create values and social capital which will lead to value addition, to reduce social gaps and social inequality for locality, community and society.

3. To provide academic services, technology and innovation transfer, follow the royal initiatives, foster arts and culture in line with the needs and solve problems community, locality and society. To improve and standardize people’s quality of lives with sufficiency, strength and sustainable development.

4. To manage university resources with flexibility for a better change and continuous development.


1. Creation of educational opportunities and equality for the community and locality.

2. Integration of research, educational services and culture and arts fostering in accordance to the learning management process with community and locality participation.

3. Improvement of quality of life, reducing social gaps and social inequality, building up sustainable strength among people in southernmost area.

4. Becoming an excellent organization with social leadership, a reliable organization for the locality and community.