The emblem of the University is the Royal seal of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the name was graciously conferred on February 14, 1992. The double ovals shape contains the name of the university which is “มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏยะลา” in Thai on the top and English as “Yala Rajabhat University” at the bottom. Both names are designed into the special unique font. This honorable emblem of YRU consists of five colors and each representing a different meaning as follows:

Dark Blue: Monarchy Institution (the supreme institute of all Thais) founded and conferred with the honorable name Rajabhat Institute.

Green: the location of all 41 Rajabhat Institutes according to its geography.

Gold: the prosperity of the wisdom and intellect.

Orange: the prosperity in art and culture.

White: purity of thought of our great Leader, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej


Pink and Grey: thoughtfulness and living in harmony.

Pink: affection, loyalty and unity.

Grey: thought, reflection and rationality.  

SYMBOLIC FLOWER:    Chan Ka Pho ( Vatica diospyroide Symington)

Chan Ka Pho, or Vatica diospyroides, is a plant species in the Dipterocarpaceae family, known as Chan Pho or Khiaw- Ngoo-Kao in some southern parts of Thailand. Chan Ka Pho has been noted as an endangered species under the International Union of Conservation of Nature(IUCN) Red List due to its declining population. It is a popular garden tree prevalent, substantially in southern Thailand and partly in the Malay Peninsula and Vietnam.

Chan Ka Pho is recognized for its intense, fragrant blooms of beautiful little flowers. The medicinal properties of the plant are used in folk medicine as a fragrance and a cardiac tonic to treat heart issues.

Chan Ka Pho, the symbolic plant of Yala Rajabhat University(YRU), represents the qualities of YRU graduates who are valuable seeds of goodness, elegance, and strength. Graduates of the university are fully equipped with morality, self-discipline, patience, and adaptability and are encouraged to steer sustainable development throughout their local community and the wider nation.