Exchange Programs

The US Embassy in Thailand provides annual scholarship and exchange Visit opportunities to our students to enable the institution attain its objective of emerging as an international standard University. Yala Rajabhat University in partnership with the US Embassy has put in place an organisation known as American Corner which provides exchange opportunities for our students. Our students have been privileged to benefit from a 1 year language scholarship program by the Indian government.Our university also received staff and students from Indonesia in the faculty of Science,Technology and Agriculture for a short course in math and science which lasted for 1 month.Our students also had a short course visit to Yogyakartar state university,for a period of 1 month.A series of MOUs have been signed between,our university and partner universities in Indonesia,India and Malaysia.We do offer students the opportunity to have transfer credits with our university partners.This is to enhance acculturation and diverse knowledge with international experiences.  This exchange programs have gradually led to an integration in our education system thus standardizing knowledge at Yala Rajabhat University.