Student Life

           Yala Rajabhat University is a community- serving citadel of learning located in the southernmost boarder of Thailand and has one main campus providing diverse learning facilities such as learning centers and professional training Campus.
There are numerous language centers such as Oxford and American Corner, Center for Languages and ASEAN Studies and Mae Lan Practicing Campus for Agriculture. These learning centers provide adequate professional skills as well as training programs to fully equip our graduates with the required qualification for Community development.
YRU also provides a handful of diverse cultural and sports facilities such as cultural and musical dance clubs and sports playground to enrich students with multi-professional skills.

Language Center

There are numerous language centers on Campus such as, Center for Languages and ASEAN Studies, which provides Club activities for students such as Debate Club, Music Club, Drama Club and Journalism club. Other centers include Oxford learning center and  American Corner available for students.

Mae Lan Practicing Campus

We also train our students as professional famers through the Faculty of Agriculture.We have Training Farmland at Maelan Campus where students carry out practicals on modern Farming techniques. We prepare our students towards a self sufficiency economy,thereby engaging them in  the fight against hunger and poverty.

Culture and Music

YRU has a great opportunity to enhance multi-cultural heritage among students from different social backgrounds and ethnicity. We have integrated cultural Festive seasons where exhibitions are carried out to promote cultural diversity such as Music and cultural dance. The most famous being the Melayu cultural music band.


YRU provides sport facilities and trainers to help build up students who find sports a daily preoccupation. We have seasonal campus sports competition for our students to expose their talents in all sports discipline.