Community Work

The Model Development in Special Education Management Project

The Project focuses on the development of the school model for special education management for Educational Service Area, Tasaap Sub district Municipality. It is also to develop knowledge and skills for classifying children with special needs, normal children and to also promote their physical and mental skills by using the living library resource center based on the 21st Century Learning Management Concept and the promotion of good health. The targets are teachers and students in Tasaap Sub District Municipality Area. The relevant activities are: 1) Training of school teachers in Tasaap Sub District in classifying children with special needs. 2) Classifying children with special needs at schools in Tasaap Sub District. 3) Development of psychographic segmentation which affects the learning process of children with special needs in Tasaap Sub District. 4) Promotion and development of children’s physical and mental health in Tasaap Sub District. 5) Seminar on 21st Century Learning Management.