Community Work

The promotion and development of women farm groups project for Baan Tasaap

This project focuses on developing career in community by setting up the training on garcinia products development including designing the label and packaging of the products. The target of this project is the garcinia farm woman group and there are various activities under the project as follows:

1. The dialogue on promoting and developing the Baan Taa Saap farm woman group

2. The customer satisfaction survey on garcinia products

3. Training on academic service on garcinia products development

4. Developing the label and packaging of garcinia products

5. Developing the garcinia slimming capsule

6. Workshop training on using Photoshop Program for promoting the garcinia products

7.Workshop training on using social media for promoting the garcinia products

8. Workshop training on waste management from garcinia product processing

9. Workshop training on producing bio-fermented water and

10. Providing the Quality analysis of the microbiology from the pickled garnicia of the Baan Tasaap farm woman group.