​YRU joins hands with Lam Phaya SAO to drive the RSPG Project.

Jul 8, 2023

On July 3, 2023, at 10:30 a.m., the Southern Border Research and Development Institute (SRDI) of Yala Rajabhat University held a signing ceremony for a memorandum of understanding on local community development cooperation and response to the Plant Genetic Conservation Project under the Royal initiative of H.R.H. Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (RSPG). The ceremony took place between Yala Rajabhat University and Lam Phaya Subdistrict Administrative Organization. The event was honored by Assistant Professor Dr. Sirichai Namburi, Acting President of Yala Rajabhat University, who welcomed and signed the memorandum of understanding with Mr. Thanong Mailueang, Chief Executive of Lam Phaya SAO. Representatives from both sides witnessed the signing at the University Council meeting room, 2nd floor, in the 50th Anniversary Maha Vajiralongkorn Building at Yala Rajabhat University.

Assistant Professor Jariya Sukjuntra, Director of SRDI, on behalf of the operating committee, stated that due to the Biodiversity Center in Commemoration of the 72nd Anniversary Queen Sirikit (BCQY) at Yala Rajabhat University, SRDI has been carrying out research projects, academic services, and plant genetic conservation projects related to the RSPG Project in the Lam Phaya Subdistrict area since 2004. It has been observed that Lam Phaya Subdistrict Administrative Organization is an agency that promotes, supports, and cooperates in the operation of BCQY for local development consistently. Therefore, BCQY has prepared a memorandum of academic cooperation this time to jointly determine activities and plans for local community development in Lam Phaya Subdistrict and network areas, and to work together in driving community development, knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange, promotion, development, and preservation of local wisdom, as well as responding to the RSPG Project.

Under these operations, the university aims to develop personnel from both agencies and the local community, enabling them to learn, conserve, and develop resources for the benefit of the Lam Phaya community. This is achieved through local development activities for the Lam Phaya community and activities in the Plant Genetic Conservation Project, consisting of eight activities under three operational frameworks and three resource bases, namely physical resources, biological resources, and cultural resources and wisdom. These efforts lead to the establishment of the "Wisdom Bank University: Locally to Globally Sustainable Community Development Excellence."


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