Lessons learned from "Burung Market" Project

Nov 2, 2023

On October 31, 2023, at Prachanukul Road in Sateng Subdistrict, Mueang District, Yala Province, a research project aimed at developing "Burung Market" as a prototype cultural market in Yala Province was conducted. The project's main focus was to extract lessons for the creation of historical community tourism activities, with the goal of revitalizing the bird parade tradition and the cultural market in Yala Province. Notably, Professor Dr. Suradate Suwanchatri, Vice President for Administration, Council, and Legal Affairs, served as the opening chairman, joined by Assistant Professor Dr. Kesaree Ladlia, Vice President for Research and Innovation, along with experts, professors, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

The project's primary objective was to organize activities for extracting lessons in order to establish historical community tourism activities and develop a network of cultural communities by reviving the bird parade tradition and the cultural market of Yala Province. This event marked an exchange of knowledge aimed at fostering collaboration among the new generation, local craftsmen, local artists, cultural entrepreneurs within the community, Yala City Municipality, Yala Province's cultural institutions, and Yala Rajabhat University.

The project involved the collection of cultural knowledge, the creation of a cultural community mechanism to support local history research among the youth, the development of entrepreneurial potential in cultural services with cultural capital, the creation of cultural tourism routes, the use of digital media for marketing communications that highlight cultural capital, and an analysis of the value chain related to cultural capital and income, as well as the enhancement of the quality of life for households within the target groups.


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