Yala Rajabhat University and Partners Accelerate Aid Talks for Flood Recovery in Yala Province

Jan 10, 2024

On January 9, 2024, at 9:00 a.m., Asst. Prof. Dr. Kesaree Ladlia, Vice President for Research and Innovation, chaired the meeting to discuss cooperation in providing assistance to poor households for flood recovery. This collaboration involved network partners, including the Yala Provincial Public Health Office, Yala Provincial Labor Office, Provincial Education Office, Provincial Office of Learning Encouragement, Yala Provincial Administrative Organization, Yala Provincial Farmer Council, Foundation of Zakat and Public Charity, Yala Islamic Center for Development Foundation, Thai Islamic Medical Association, Council for Humanitarian Networking of Sheikhul Islam Office (CHNS), Purong Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Tha Thong Subdistrict Administrative Organization, and Taling Chan Subdistrict Administrative Organization, all operating under the research project 'The Development Of Strategic Research Area To Eliminate Poverty And Create Social Opportunities In Yala Province' (SRA).

The discussions yielded conclusions regarding rehabilitation operations in five dimensions: occupational, physical, health, environmental, and educational. A prototype pilot model will be developed in three sub-districts, namely Taling Chan Subdistrict (Bannang Sata District), Purong Subdistrict (Krong Pinang District), and Tha Thong Subdistrict (Raman District).


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