RAOT and YRU discuss solving the Pestalotiopsis leaf fall disease

Feb 20, 2020 YRU

19 February 2020, at the 50th Anniversary of Mahavajaralongkorn Building, Yala Rajabhat University, Mr. Surachai Bunwanno, Director of Rubber Authority of Thailand, Lower Southern Region, with his group met Asst. Prof. Dr. Sombat Yotathip, President of Yala Rajabhat University, to discuss and find solution to novel Pestalotiopsis leaf fall disease, which is readily spread in lower southern region area. YRU researchers have invented and experimented with the use of bio-extracts from plants derived from nature without using chemicals. The results are very satisfying. The discussion was participated with Dr. Nirunkiat Livkunupakarn, Vice-President for Policy and Planning, Asst. Prof. Dr. Lilla Adulyasas, Dean of Faculty of Science Technology and Agriculture, together with Asst. Prof. Dr. Isma-ae Jehlong, Deputy Dean and research team from Faculty of Science Technology and Agriculture.


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